Be Grateful, Be Happy

Gratitude isn't just a bunch of hippie fluff. Science has shown that being more grateful improves these 4 things:


Grateful people experience reduced stress, strengthened immune system, and greater optimism.


Gratitude combats depression, promotes positive view of life, and allows you to recreate happiness after the fact.


Gratitude makes you friendlier, more likable, share more positive emotions, and harbor less envy.


Gratitude helps you relax, love yourself, bounce back, remember life happier, and just feel good.

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Practice Gratitidue

Join us in sharing daily gratitude and you'll improve the happiness of yourself and those around you.
Want to be happier? More mindful? Practice gratitude every day.

Gratitude reminds you what makes life great – family, friends, warmth, shelter, a great smile from a stranger, a funny joke. It encourages you to be thankful for what you have and reflect on your daily experience with mindful appreciation.

Practicing gratitude has been demonstrated to positively impact your life. Grateful people have improved health, sleep better, have healthier relationships, and feel happier. And, you can too.

All you have to do is start being grateful.

Use this site to bring gratefulness to mind. Just by sharing what you’re grateful for, you will experience a surge in happiness and inspire others to join the movement. Give it a try and join me as I share something I am grateful for every day.

I am grateful you’re here. I’m for the ability to pursue happiness. And, I’m grateful to read whatever you share.

What are you grateful for?

Meditations on gratitude

What are you most grateful for in your life right now?